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Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. It is currently the most visited website after Google with an average of people connected every day of 220 million and a stay of 60 minutes per day. It is therefore one of the main means of advertising and visibility on the web. All large companies and corporations have decided to open their Facebook page to tap into the general public. Nowadays, it is unthinkable not to use this corporate promotion tool if you don’t want to be outshone by your competitors. Facebook marketing is indispensable.

Increasing the number of likes on Facebook means being able to get many people to interact with the content you share through an effective Facebook campaign. These in turn can interact with your Facebook page, making it dynamic, active and popular, helping you to increase your customers and therefore your earnings. Our Facebook marketing service allows you to drive interest in your Facebook page until you achieve your goals.


Facebook is considered to be the father of all social networking and deciding to focus on increasing the numbers on your page is a very profitable choice.

You can decide to grow the popularity of your page or a Facebook post in particular, to make your business more popular or a specific service to an audience that can be accurately selected as a target audience by a social expert. The great versatility of Facebook allows you to sponsor offers and very accurately analyse the return on investment, making it perfect from all angles. Choose the Facebook service that best suits your needs for sponsoring and making yourself known on Facebook.


If you have never worked on the page to be sponsored with our Facebook like marketing service before, we recommend that you act as a first “move” to increase the number of likes by at least 300 400 real fans in order to make the Facebook page more popular, followed by faster increases.


What are the most important marketing services for sales success?

The most important marketing service for Facebook is to have the possibility to advertise, if for example you have your profile with advertising disabled, we can provide you with a new Italian profile ready to launch. If you have an e-commerce or sell products, you won’t be able to do without reviews under your ads, or on your Facebook page, we can create discussion and curiosity under your Facebook posts. This gives potential customers the chance to gain confidence and buy without too much thought. If you have a Google-registered business such as a hotel or restaurant, you have the opportunity to buy Google reviews. Start to be visible on Google maps in your locality for tourists, for its inhabitants and for all the people who are looking for a service or a product to buy on our platform and you can use many of our services. To increase the notoriety of your brand, to acquire customers thanks to the service dedicated to Google, also our customer service is always active; contact us for any information about our service fully customizable. Facesupport is a guarantee in the Italian landscape of social networking and advertising Facebook.

If you do not have the possibility to use advertising with your profile Facesupport has the solution for you.



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