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How to get started with facebook advertisements from faceSupport

If you want to sponsor your products or services on Facebook, choosing a good strategic plan in terms of advertising means guaranteeing a flow of visits aimed at maximising results. But it’s not that simple. Where to start? Here is a small guide to Facebook advertising where you can use our various services with a targeted strategy.

Define and evaluate your Digital Marketing goals

What do you expect and, above all, what do you want to achieve with Facebook advertising? Is the first point to be addressed precisely: defining the objectives within the web marketing strategy. Many small and large companies can benefit from Facebook, but you have to be clear about what you want to do with advertising.

You can’t promote random posts just to get visits to your portal. For example, you can decide to direct some of the traffic to landing pages, to build brand awareness and yet another perhaps for a good retargeting activity.

Budget and material for your Social Media Management advertising

Before you start your business with Facebook advertising you need to be clear on the point that will bring more depth to your business: the budget. It is obvious, to get great results you need to have maximum administration and budget management. But the starting point is that you cannot advertise on Facebook for free. With the Marketplace you can, but that’s another matter…

The most important point for successful campaigns is to use unique and original content. Such as, for example, quality images or videos and texts that will attract the attention of potential customers .

Free digital marketing on Facebook?

Thanks to our verified profiles and open and validated marketplace, you can launch hundreds of free digital marketing ads worldwide selling the same product in all ads, or multiple products. This tool created by Facebook has been very successful in terms of sales in recent months. In fact, it is a more direct sale with the customer, where communication skills take priority. One must always put one’s own efforts to succeed in sales, both in communicating with the customer and in designing the content and texts to be included. Here is an example of a sale of a product with payment on delivery, launched by the Facebook Marketplace.

Organic traffic increased


On Advertiser Strategy you will find comments and reviews for Facebook Ads of your choice, depending on the product or service you are proposing. Shares, views and likes are available for posts and Facebook Ads. The comments purchased can be inserted on multiple posts or Ads and do not have an expiration date, you can insert them at any time, you also have the ability to attach to the reviews for free, le under your Ads.


Google reviews service from real people, increasing Google my business reviews means gaining trust and credibility for your business. Ensure that when people search for a hotel, a shop or a restaurant, your company will be at the top of the Google Maps search results. Even with this service you can attach testimonial photos to the reviews to be included, remember that the service is fully customizable.


Profiles are available to open a business manager or can be used as advertising accounts or linked to a page. In addition, thanks to our accounts, you can launch hundreds of ads for free using the already validated Facebook marketplace. This tool has recently become very popular for selling products, or for making your brand known without having to spend money on advertising.


If the question is whether or not to increase reviews towards your customers, our answer is absolutely yes! we have already talked about how the review mechanism allows you to act on several fronts. Reviews allow you to highlight a brand's skills, involve consumers by commenting on their experiences, have a great power of attraction towards non-customers, and provide feedback to the company, whether negative or positive.

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